Jeff Webb

Jeff Webb is a prominent businessman and former chairman of Herff Jones, a company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Herff Jones is renowned for manufacturing and selling educational recognition products and achievement-focused motivational materials. It is also closely involved in top-level college and professional sports, including cheerleading. Webb assumed the position of chairman in 2014 after Varsity Brands acquired Herff Jones in the previous year. His leadership and vision contributed significantly to the company's success until his departure in 2020.

Before his business career, Webb studied at the University of Oklahoma, a prestigious public research university in Norman, Oklahoma. He earned his bachelor's degree in political science and government, during which he became an active campus leader and was involved with the institution's cheer squad. This led to his work with the National Cheerleaders Association as a student.

Webb's involvement with the National Cheerleaders Association continued after graduation, and he eventually left to establish the Universal Cheerleading Association and the Varsity Brands precursor, Varsity Spirit. These organizations became industry leaders, creating a platform for cheerleading competitions and elevating the sport's profile.

Webb has been recognized throughout his career for his leadership and contributions to the business and cheerleading industries. His background in political science and government, combined with his passion for cheerleading, has allowed him to create a significant impact in both areas.

Webb's leadership at Herff Jones and the establishment of industry-leading organizations have cemented his legacy as an entrepreneur and a key figure in the world of cheerleading. His story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance, showing how a personal interest can be transformed into a successful career.

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